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25 year old rapper, songwriter, producer & videographer.  I've performed with: Felly, Jake Miller, Chris Webby, Token, Rittz, Dizzy Wright, Ryan Caraveo, Jeezy, Warren G, Lil Durk, Sammy Adams, Aaron Carter, Logan Henderson, King Lil G, Jarren Benton, Aaron Carter, Gyyps, Cam Meekins, Azizi Gibson, Mark Battles, Xavier Wulf, Ekoh, Marty Grimes & more.  I have been writing music since 2010, releasing original songs since 2013 & performing live since 2014.  My influences include: Nas, Eminem, Dave East, 50 Cent, Drake, John Mayer, Kanye West, Red Hot Chili Peppers & more.  I strive to create music that combines lyrical, message driven hip hop with catchy beats. My motto is spread love, I love all of my fans and everyone who supports me.

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